Personal Banking

Savings Accounts

Our savings account is an interest bearing account for our customers to deposit cash and withdraw at anytime without prior notice to the bank. This product is to build the saving culture of our clients.
It doesn’t matter how small your income may be, the savings account can serve the purpose of helping our clients to keep a fraction of their income for the future. With just GHC10, you can have a savings account opened with our bank and earn huge interest on your balance over GHC200.

Current Account

Our customers can open a current account with just GHC10. This is a demand deposits account designed for our customers to transact business at anytime without prior notice to the bank. In order to facilitate your business transactions, we offer our clients with personalized cheque books to enable them do business with ease.

Susu Deposit

This product is a daily savings/susu account with a minimum daily contribution of GHC1 designed specifically for our customers who due to trade may not have the time to come to the bank. We send out mobilization officers who come to wherever you are to take your deposits on a daily basis. The susu account has flexible withdrawal options and account holders have the opportunity to access our loan products

Fixed Terms Deposit

Our fixed deposit account is an interest yielding account opened for a prescribed period of time. Depending on how long you want to operate a fixed deposit account with us, we pride ourselves with high yielding and competitive interest rates. With a minimum of GHC100 our customers can open a fixed deposit account and earn high interests on their investment.

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