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Salary Loan

Our customers can access an unlimited amount of money as a short or medium term loan facility from Adansi Rural Bank. The customer has to be salaried worker and a loyal client of the Bank to qualify for the salary loan.

Pself Loan

Public Sector Employee Loan Facility (PSELF) is a loan facility for Government workers; nurses, teachers, public & civil servants, and any person who is paid through the Controller and Accountant General’s Department. We do not demand any collateral from applicants who wish to access this facility. Applicants have a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 48 months for repayment depending on the person’s capability.
To become eligible for this facility, applicants are expected to provide;

Susu Loan

Our susu loan is accessible to any customer who operates a susu savings account with our bank for a minimum of two months. This facility attracts very low interest since it is intended to help our customers inject some capital into their business. Repayment of the susu loan is flexible because the repayment period is calculated daily so customers do not struggle to repay them. the customer is expected to provide guarantors for the susu loan; we do not demand any collateral.

Group Loan / Micro Finance

The group loan/micro finance is loan for groups of micro traders intended for business expansion and growth. Members of an association or trade union are candidates for the group loan. We also provide training in financial literacy, leadership, and community development to group members or association members. The bank only demands for a group guarantee to approve group loan.

Commercial / Bussiness Expansion

This facility is provided for business owners, small and medium scale entrepreneurs seeking working capital or funds for business expansion and growth. At the time when there seems to be no hope for financial assistance to stock up your business or to continue the project, you can look up to Adansi Rural Bank for financial assistance.

Shool Fees Loan

The school fees loan is available for salaried workers who are customers of Adansi Rural Bank. Parents can rely on this facility to take care of their wards school fees when it is due while they concentrate on other things. The Bank only requires an evidence of the school bill and two guarantors to approve the school fees loan. No collateral is needed to access the facility.

Why talk a Loan from us!

Adansi Rural Bank stands as a unique Bank when it comes to loan and financial assistance due to the following reasons;
It doesn’t matter how small your income may be, the savings account can serve the purpose of helping our clients to keep a fraction of their income for the future. With just GHC10, you can have a savings account opened with our bank and earn huge interest on your balance over GHC200.
Simple & flexible repayment terms
Our repayment policies have your interest at the core of it. We believe that the repayment of loan should be proportionate to your capability to help you sustain your business
Flexible security
Adansi Rural Bank demands flexible security for the facilities we give to our clients. We do not burden our customers with providing collateral they may not have before they get assistance from us.
Competitive interest rates
Our interest on loan is very competitive as compared to other rates on the market. This is to enable our clients to access financial assistance at any time to grow and expand their businesses.
Free financial literacy training
Adansi Rural Bank does not just give loan; we go the extra mile to educate you on how to get the most out of the money we give you. We hold free financial literacy training for our clients to make them financially robust and enhance their business fortunes.

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