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  1. Probably the best 300mbps router you can find in this price bracket. Range: don’t expect double the coverage compared to 150mbps single antenna routers but definitely better, If you’re having trouble with signal quality with your old 150mbps router at one room at the other corner of your house this could be a cheap solution. Repeater function : It supports repeater function out of the box through WDS bridging, although TP Links states WDS bridging between routers of different make may not be possible i got it done with my Asus DSL N10E. Another method to use it as a repeater is to flash DD-WRT firmware which is available nd it also unlocks a vareity of other features but remember it voids warranty. (note: WDS bridging limits bandwidth of router according to base router’s so if its bridged with 150mbps router you get only that) UI : simple UI with standard options and features that you could find in any router in the range, and TP link provides an android app – TP Link tether – which enables basic control of router from android device like managing connected clients. The one thing i could complain is its white color, which looks actually good now but since routers are bound to be spending most of its life in a corner or on walls and eating dust the white would soon turn into something else.

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